Hi guys, I just want to let you all know that your comments on my last post were so helpful and encouraging, and I appreciated every single one so much that I copied and pasted them down in a word doc.

Thank you for your kindness, tough love, wisdom and compassion. We’re all just strangers on the internet but truly, all of you here on groupthink mean so much to me, and teach me so many things through your comments, posts and discussions. I am a much richer person for encountering you all here. Even though things aren’t resolved between my bf and me, you have made my heart full and reminded me of my worth.

I was hoping I would talk to the bf today, and he did send me an apology saying he loved me, and was sorry he hurt me out of anger. He did ask me to let him know when I was free, saying he was going to eat and clean up the house.


I texted him without any frills or flourishes back at 2:30, and asked if 3:30 worked, and long story short he basically refuses to be tied down to a time now, and that he’ll let me know by 3, and then 7:30. I told him that was keeping me hanging too long, and i’d made other plans since his availability wasn’t certain. As of now, he says, “maybe we can shoot for tomorrow”.

so that’s where we’re at. Oh. Just got a text from him reassuring me that he loves me even though we are in the midst of a fight. I think...he believes he does love me, but it feels like a love divorced from sacrifice and effort when its inconvenient for him.

ps. I am a kinda freaked out by all the views my last post got, and i’m a little paranoid it may makes it way out of groupthink, so I’m gonna make it go poof. I thank you all again for your comments which gave me much needed clarity and perspective.

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